16 June 2010

Last chance to win a Bionic Glove


The deadline for our ‘Bionic Glove Members Treat’ is this Friday so if you haven’t yet entered, do it before 12pm. Go to Members Treats to enter

Designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon, Bionic technology is totally unique in the marketplace. There is nothing like it. The difference is found in the design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics. Bionic Gloves are scientifically designed to improve your performance and they last 4 times longer than a conventional gloves so there’s some value common sense as well.

The three core advantages of Bionic Gloves are;
- Bionic improves grip strength, without the need to grip harder, and reduces hand fatigue. Plus, friction causing blisters and calluses is virtually eliminated
- Bionic is more comfortable, feeling like a “second skin,” and moves more naturally when gripping.
- Bionic provides greater flexibility and natural dexterity, while also helping keep hands cool and dry

At TopGolfer, we’re thrilled that the guys at Bionic Gloves in Ireland have offered all TopGolfers a 10% discount on any of their range this year. Bionic Gloves are only available to purchase directly so log on to the Irish Bionic Gloves Web Site for details on how to purchase.