01 August 2021

PGA National Slieve Russell JSC 2021 results


Congratulations to Barry Cunningham, winner of PGA National Slieve Russell JSC 2021 after shooting 73-gross.

1Barry Cunningham733000
2David Burns762500
3Chris Gilkinson762300
4Jack McKerr772100
5Paul Gorby771800
T6Michael Stewart781325
T6Richard Grier781325
T6James Green781325
T6Luke Crory781325
T10Mark Boyle791100
T10Danny McGrath791100
12Desmond Rehehan801100
T13Evan Maher81860
T13Victor Smyth81860
T13Pat Quinlan81860
T13Stephen Tierney81860
T13Ivan Gillespie81860
T18Ian Gorby82700
T18Thomas Kane82700
T20Mark Ashmore83475
T20Sean O’Grady83475
T20John Rogers83475
T20Vincent Carney83475
T20Conor Fitzpatrick83475
T20Andrew Maxwell83475
T20Damien McGivern83475
T20Gary Gibney83475
T20Gareth Keogh83475
T20Eoghan Martin83475
30+All other players84+450