14 June 2021

Concra Wood 2021 JSC results


Congratulations to Ciaran McMahon from Concra Wood, winner of the 2021 Junior Scratch Cup.

Prize winners will be emailed separately.

1Ciaran McMahon743000
2Alan Bolger762500
3Rob Kelly772300
4Thomas Hannon772100
5Vincent Carney791800
6Donnacha Finn801250
7Gary Ludgate801250
8John Rogers801250
9Victor Smyth801250
10Terry O’Reilly801250
11Joseph Hannigan801250
12Martin Gaughan811000
13David Duffin811000
14Evan Maher82900
15MD Black83900
16Brian Dunne83900
17Sam Gilmore84700
18Niall Maher84700
19Michael Moylan84700
20John Grogan84700
21Gregg Santry85450
22Christopher Broe85450
23James Magee85450
24Raymond Duffin85450
25Edward Fitzpatrick86450
26Michael Stewart86450
27Paul Hynes86450
28Alan Harding86450
29All other players87+450