12 September 2020

Druids Heath 2020 SSC results


Congrats to John Cleary, winner of Druids Heath 2020 Senior Scratch with an incredible 70-gross.

A tough day for scoring, as the CSS increased to 74 (+3).

1John Cleary70800
2Jake Whelan73700
3Conor Jameson75600
4Christopher Rabbette75550
T5Andrew Montgomery76425
T5Martin Smyth76425
T5Eoin Marsden76425
T5Sean O’Connor76425
T9David Joyce77240
T9Stephen Finlan77240
T9Lee McMillan77240
T9Liam Abom77240
T13Richard Sykes78200
T13Brian Murray78200
T13Joseph Hannigan78200
T13Francis Fullen78200
T13Paul Meagher78200
T18Niall O’Sullivan79200
T18David Brazil79200
T20Thomas Byrne80200
T20Marcus Doyle80200
T20Stephen Cunningham80200
T20Brian Jackson80200
24+All other players81+200