29 August 2021

New Forest 2021 JSC results


Congrats to David Burns from Headfort GC, winner of New Forest 2021 Junior Scratch. Prize winners will be contacted on Monday.

Leading scores were:

1David Burns773000
2Ian Kavanagh772500
3Nick O’Hare782300
4David Bollard782100
5Dylan Powell791800
6John Halpin791400
T7Colin Gavin801250
T7Christopher Coffey801250
T7Gareth Keogh801250
T7Conor McGuinness801250
11Ernie Price811100
T12Kevin Murphy82970
T12Michael Malone82970
T12Daniel O’Shaughnessy82970
T15Patrick Byrne83835
T15Edward Fitzpatrick83835
T15Padraig Carton83835
T18Conor Slevin84640
T18Victor Smyth84640
T18Bryan Dore84640
T18Vinny Clifford84640
22+All other players85+450