29 August 2021

New Forest 2021 SSC results


Congrats to Stephen Cunningham, winner of New Forest 2021 Senior Scratch. Prize winners will be contacted on Monday.

Leading scores were:

1Stephen Cunningham713000
2Ryan O’Doherty722600
3Stephen Egan Jr732400
4Thomas O’Connor732200
5Eoin Metcalfe771900
T6Stuart Carter771500
T6David Tynan771500
T8Eoin Cunniffe781350
T8Michael Green781350
T8Matthew Grehan781350
T8Derek Hannon781350
12James Joyce791300
T13Michael Brereton801000
T13Colin Walsh801000
T13John McGuinness Jr801000
T13Thomas Byrne801000
17Eamonn Morrissey81800
18Adrian Hiney82800
T19John Whelan83800
T19Niall O’Sullivan83800
21+All other players84+550