29 May 2022

New Forest SSC & JSC results


Congratulations to Michael Buggy (Castlecomer) and Dylan Powell (Club Member), winners of New Forest SSC & JSC respectively.

Leading scores and OOM points in each event were:


1Michael Buggy703000
2Stephen Cunningham722600
3Colin Walsh752400
4Ciaran Boggan762200
5Michael Malone761900
6Michael Green771500
T7Ryan Sheerin781435
T7Christopher Rabbette781435
T7Michael Moylan781435
10Jeremiah Sheahan791300
T11Derek Hannon801060
T11Adam Kelly801060
T11James Joyce801060
T11Sean Kennedy801060
T11Evan Monaghan801060
T11David Sean Keenaghan801060
T11Jonathan Kelly801060
T18Mark O’Grady81800
T18Thomas Byrne81800
T18Matthew Grehan82800
T21Richard Finn83550
T21Mark Rowe83550
T21Barry Gillespie83550
T21Alan Gillespie83550
T25Stephen Gethings84550
T25Daire Conlon84550
T25Conor Kavanagh84550
28+All other players85+550


1Dylan Powell743000
2Derek Kelly752500
3Tony Sheerin762300
4Conor Cunningham762100
5Shane Kennedy781800
T6Joseph Hannigan781400
T6Ciaran Campbell781400
T6Daniel O’Shaughnessy781400
9Ross John O’Toole791100
T10Shay Egan801100
T10Niall Maher801100
T12Conor McGuinness81970
T12Eanna Mernagh81970
T12Paul Reilly81970
T15Shane Donoghue82770
T15Conor O’Grady82770
T15Conall Doherty82770
T15Christopher Cornally82770
T15Stephen Kelly82770
T15Niall O’Sullivan82770
T21John Whelan83450
T21Charles McGoldrick83450
T21Vincent Bradshaw83450
T21Evan Maher83450
T21Colin Gavin83450
T26Paul Kennedy84450
T26Colin Fox84450
T26Kevin Murphy84450
T26Sean Donaghy84450
T26Stephen Finlan84450
31+All other players85+450